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The Global legal system is broken. One example, of the 100 million non-criminal cases filed annually in the United States and approximately 80% of the time one side is unrepresented. This impacts all of us. The path to conflict resolution or trial depends on access to the courts.

With a bulk of unrepresented parties the system becomes clogged. The absence of a lawyer on one side does not ensure a smooth process. Rather it creates unnecessary delay complications with filings. As little as 40 years ago a civil case would find its way to a jury or bench trial within a matter of weeks or months. Now it is over two years to receive a civil trial in Federal Court.

With the number as large is 80% of the cases, it is not hard to imagine that justice is not being distributed equally. As much as we would like to believe so justice is not blind. Millions if not billions of dollars have been poured into legal aid and nonprofit groups to help people they cannot afford a lawyer. The result of this money spent is the current justice gap, which is at an all time critical point. Legal aid and the nonprofit sector does not have the answer.

The solution for the above issues is greater accountability and transparency. With accountability comes fulfillment. Fulfillment of the legal services agreement fulfillment of duties to client such as communication. Transparency avoids the blame game. When you can track with the services are being performed you can accurately allocate resources.

Utilizing artificial intelligence to assess a person’s legal needs and connect them with the appropriate resource is the means to provide universal justice. Preventing fraud, ensuring transactions and providing an identity powered by the block chain will ensure that the kid in a hoodie will have the same justice as the man in the White House.


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