Drawing upon their existing technology the 1LAW team will build an end to end, inquiry to court filing, digital legal experience providing access to free legal service and transparent paid services.

Among the services are

1) Free legal documents.
Wills, power of attorney, medical directives are all essential documents which should be free.

Simple business formation documents as well such as state registrations, obtaining a taxpayer ID should also be free.

Many additional documents such as self-help divorce, name change, answer to a complaint will additionally be available for free depending on the state.

2) Free legal consults
Most legal issues and inquiries can be addressed with a 15 minute consult. By driving traffic through the chat bot, assessing the legal need and providing a summary to the legal services representative, clients will receive answers to their legal questions.

As a result of the 2008 global economic crisis it is anticipated that over the next 10 years that there will not be sufficient attorneys to service the legal needs. This will only add to the Justice gap and number of on represent individuals. After the global recession many people chose to return to school thinking that a lie degree would ensure them a job. Upon graduation the jobs were not there. In 2014 for the first time he seat was available in a law school for everyone that had applied to law school. By 2017 many law schools saw their Matriculation levels drop and many law schools closed.

The utility of a platform that will assess and individuals legal needs without exhausting human capital is essential. By leveraging artificial intelligence they give an attorney can service many more clients because they are not bogged down gathering basic information.