Proliferating the technology

Our products are smart phone centric.

More and more industries are entering the M-commerce revolution as sales on mobile devices skyrocket. Smartphones and tablets now account for more than half of all internet activity and mobile e-commerce — or M-commerce — is part of that wave. CNBC reports that M-commerce sales were up by more than 18% in 2017.

Yet the rising popularity of M-commerce doesn’t just apply to sales. Services — even legal services — have an opportunity to follow this trend and reach an even wider audience. The fact is, there are just some people who are more comfortable turning to their smartphones than they are with walking into traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Those same type of people also need legal services and if you’re not looking at mobile connectivity options, you’re ignoring a massive segment of the population.

Plus, you already have the audience, whether you know it or not. According to, 95% of mobile internet users look up business information on their smartphones before calling or visiting those businesses. Why not capture their attention from the beginning with legal services available on their mobile devices? reports that an increased use of mobile wallets also stands to help fuel growth in mobile payments. Innovations like this are helping past fears about mobile security to fade as M-commerce becomes more prevalent. We anticipate the same type of proliferation with cryptocurrencies.


Reaching Attorneys:

1LAW has entered into strategic relationships with large national attorney associations. These Associations distribute the app as a means of extending an attorney’s online fingerprint.

Obviously, you might be skeptical about finding clients on the internet, especially those who find you while looking for a cheap and easy way to access legal services. But if these clients reach a point where they are seeking out services from an attorney, the 1LAW app will have already gathered some basic information, including things like the nature of an injury and the date on which it happened. Suddenly, it’s an authentic lead with an inherent value.

Additionally, 1LAW’s use of cryptocurrency will ensure you are paid if you do the work. Because you’ll be fulfilling client requests piece by piece, you’ll be paid for each segment of the project — even if you just generate the lead. With clients paying throughout the process, you won’t have to wonder whether you’ll actually be paid at the end of the project because you’ll be paid for each (segment?).

Imagine finding clients while you sleep. In essence, that’s what the 1LAW app could do for you. 1LAW allows potential clients to connect directly with available attorneys via the app’s chat function or a video call. However, some of these requests may come in the middle of the night when no attorneys are available. In that scenario’s the app’s artificial intelligence chatbot will gather the necessary information and have it ready for you when you wake up or become otherwise available. It’s not just 24-7 convenience and accessibility for clients, it’s 24-7 lead generation for participating attorneys.

Reaching consumers:

By targeting the less Economically viable areas of the law we are able to offer legal services information via SMS text, messenger apps and native websites. We have relationships with lead aggregators to push their non-subject matter leads to our chatbot.

Future lawyers:

In the fall of 2017 for the first time ever lost students were taught How to use a chat bot to automate a law practice. This class was taught using 1LAW’s proprietary chatbot engine and builder Botineer.


To ensure transparency, quality and fulfillment of services – Tokens serve as proof of stake


Attorney pay for platform space and usage (currently min. $200/yr to $10,000/yr) and receive a bonus in tokens. Tokens can be used to pay for additional usage or services.


Consumers earn tokens for social participation. Tokens can be used to pay for legal services.


Attorneys can earn tokens by participating on the platform – Q&A’s, free consultations, improving the form database.

Legal professionals

Earn tokens by improving data quality – by knowing the users profile we can anticipate their future needs and provide better service.


Using tokens promotes the platform community. Greater community promotes token acceptance. All Services can be paid for by coins